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January 13, 2014

Last week was uneventful for Dave Kibbey & Associates with NO new listings and NO new buyer sales. Open Houses were also slow this past weekend, however we did field quite a few calls & email inquiries over the past week regarding many of the 34 listings I currently have.

If you haven’t heard… the Canadian dollar recently took an approx. 10% drop in value which could have some negative effects on our local market, as Canadians have provided a BIG shot in the arm regarding our local real estate market. The good thing is most of the buyers come from CA, WA, OR, and AK with people running from the cold to our amazingly wonderful desert climate. They will continue to buy no matter what…. History repeats itself
as many of the seasonal visitors settle in for the season, and I am highly optimistic this season will be strong.

Positive thoughts my friends and patience… I will get the job done!