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January 27, 2014

Another week has passed and the desert weather has been gorgeous to say the least. Obviously the snowbirds agree as the desert population is teaming with people. I continue to field quite a few call & email inquiries every day, and in all price points which is a good sign. We’re getting lots of showings and some second showings, which is a sign were close to selling that home. A concern for all of has been the Canadian dollar dipping 10-11% potentially causing sales to slow a bit in 2014, although I’ve been receiving lots of calls & scheduled showings from Canadians… some testing the waters, others pulling buying with two Canadian client purchases last week. The majority of our buyers come from CA, WA, OR, and AK with people running from the cold to our amazingly wonderful desert climate. I am confident they will continue to buy no matter what especially with the Baby Boomers (age 46-65 retires) coming our way which is projected to continue through 2030. History repeats itself as many of the seasonal visitors settle in for the season, and I am highly optimistic seasonal sales will grow stronger as we move closing into February & March. Five new listings last week and four sale transactions.

Reminder: It’s important your home stands out amongst your competition, widening your market… to push more prospects through your door. You want to be sure your home is looking its very best from curb appeal right on through to the back yard. If you typically don’t plant seasonal flowers, this season be sure to get the flowers in… as evidence of great curb appeal and pride of ownership will sell your home quicker, and bring more $$$.

I will continue to keep you updated… please feel free to reach out and call me if you have any questions or concerns. Enjoy your week and hopefully I’ll be contacting you with an offer soon. Finally…If there is anyone you know that’s needs my help with their Real Estate needs, PLEASE call me today and we will take good care of them. We very much appreciate referrals!