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March 24, 2014

Gorgeous weather and a colorful desert… huh. Gosh… the Coachella Valley is packed with people, gridlock on the streets, the restaurants & stores are teaming with people spending money, and of course were hoping for the same feeling in Real Estate. The market certainly has momentum, but not like last year at this time, and we’re hoping for a late buyer season like we had last year. I am feeling an increased pulse as my phones have been ringing off the hook with lots of showings and a few sales. People are continuing to list their homes as were seeing high levels of seasonal inventory in all price points… in most cases 30-50% higher levels than last year at this time.

Your home is exposed to the world through huge online presence, media adverting’s, magazines, newspapers, flyers, mailers, and the list goes on. Patience please…. And I will continue to keep you informed as to the activity on your home, in hopes of procuring an offer ASAP