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March 3, 2014

For us desert folks… it sure was nice to see some rain. God only knows we need this rain severely, not to mention washing down some of the dust, and just in time to water all the natural desert seeds for our much awaited for gorgeous Desert Spring flowers.

Of course we’re hoping for the same rain (buyer rain) to fall into the desert and buy up this entire seasonal inventory. I along with a few other real estate brokers have a BIG inventory of listings; especially High End and all of us including YOU want the same result… a Sold sign out front. I can only tell you we’ve been very busy out showing property, and selling homes. Currently with 11 properties in escrow, 2 above the $1M price point and 9 under the $1M price point so this shows you where the volume of sales is today. The difference this year over last year, we have higher levels of seasonal inventory especially above the $1 Million price point, and buyers know it so they are all looking for a great value, and talking from experience were going through 3-5 counter offers before were sealing a deal.

Looking back last year at this time, as I’ve said before… March through June was when the high-end floodgates opened, we had a late buying season especially high-end, and I believe this years going to be a repeat of that. With the Desert population at it’s highest and so much going on; BNP Paribas Tennis Tournament and it’s new stadiums said to generate record attendee numbers this year, La Quinta Arts Festival starting this week generating over 25,000 attendees last year and over $2.8 Million in art sold, this is going to be another great year!