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September 1st, 2015

Happy September 1st…  It’s been a HOT summer as usual here in the desert, and we’re all looking forward to our beautiful fall season weather.

Knowing we’re moving away from summer and into fall, I continue to field lots of calls and inquiries about the market from people that want to sell their home this coming season.  Questions like; Will the market be stronger this season?  Do I think prices will rise this season?  What’s inventory like?  Are prices up or down?

I believe this season will be stronger in sales, especially under the $1M price point, as buyers who plan to finance their purchase know mortgage rates will be going up.  Moreover many buyers who have been thinking of buying and watching the market know about the volatility in the market, and the fact that values are down slightly from 2014 numbers in most price points.  They also know the market is in an upward swing and the likelihood is values will rise.  With that said we may have a great selling season for sellers that are realistic with their expectations and pay attention to what the market is doing.  Luxury home sales will likely be stronger this year as well, as many savvy buyers/investors who didn’t buy earlier this year are aware of the volatility in the market, can see and appreciate the great values out there.  Luxury home inventory will likely spike to new heights this season as sellers who didn’t sell last season come back into the market along with new sellers who want to make their move.

For you buyers out there… take advantage of this great market and lock up deals now before prices rise.

I’m excited about helping you achieve your goals.  Reach out to me…. and let’s figure out if now is the right time for you to buy or sell.

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